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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




could it be.... a revolution?

there are no walls, no borders, no politics on earth that can derail these feverish zealots....... what can hold them back from taking over the world.... certainly, no shock and awe, no blitzkrieg, no kamakazi military on earth can stop the world from being overrun by........ the Marianettes!!!!!

And who is this man Marian Gold who they blindly follow? We must certainly study this music to see what fiendish and dasterdly subliminal messages must be hidden within the music to cause such a movement - he has shaken the proverbial hornet's nest of the world and out has come what can only be described as chaos, madness and mayhem and the fury of women (and some men) who crowd together at his feet, chanting his name in a dazed and crazed frenzy. Purely, his power over them has reached epic proportions and this movement of the maids of Marian must be watched carefully - his music will quickly devour your soul leaving you hopeless to wander the earth looking for a show near you so be careful or you may become one of the minions of Marian.......yes, every one of you could end up being..... a marianette!

(by Russ Harvey)

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