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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




Meet Marianette1...

Your name or one of them?

- Kaz

Your birthdate? (we'd like to know when the world had this happiness to meet new Marianette)

- 14.09.19blah de blah - all cards to marianettes email address please ;-)

Where do you live (besides your dreams and Utopia, of course)?

-On a crap island in the North Atlantic

Marianetting experience? How did you become a Marianette?

- One look at Marian's face and one listen to his voice in 1984 did it

Fave album?

- Both of Marian's solo albums (but SLC more), DS5, DS3, DS9 and DS10 (you expect me to make a choice here??)

Fave lyrics at the moment?

- "This time I've got to learn, I know she won't return" (it's personal)

Have you seen any concerts? if yes, which one was the best?

- No, never seen any concerts *tee hee* 4 actually - best aftershow party up to now was Chemnitz, best gig was Zwickau

How many times have you been marianned?

- Lost count. Think the best one was in Chemnitz where he didn't realise that his strong arms, apart from almost lifting me off the floor and breaking my shoulder, were actually helping me to stand up through a very drunken phase...

Have you done anything crazy for Marian?

- Spend my life doing it ;-)

Imagine you're making video for AV/MG song. What song? What video?

- God, hard Q. Can't think at the mo, but got a great idea for a stage show involving Cosmopolitician...

Imagine you ran into Marian on the street. Your reaction?

- Head down and run (almost happened once too)

or... you see Marian's lookalike. What would you do?

- Date him

Have you followed Marian, like he asks us to do? When and where? (not intended to be scary or implying stalking! LOL)

- Ask Marianettes 2 and 3 about this ;-)

What item of clothing would you like to dress Marian up in, assuming you were his dresser?

- A small towel...

Leave a message on Marian's answering machine. *beep*

- *giggle*

What one thing would you say to Marian if you had one minute to say it to him?

- Your place or mine? (up to him what he does with the rest of the minute)

If it was the last day on earth and you had Marian to yourself, what would you plan to do?

- Oh come on, does it need three guesses?

Wanna touch his astral body? Which part of his astral body would you touch?

- His big toe

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