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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




Meet Marianette2...

Your name or one of them?

- I'm an alien named Alien.

Your birthdate? (we'd like to know when the world had this happiness to meet new Marianette)

- November 25. Everyone who read it - don't forget to send me e-cards on my birthday. Marianettes' email is on contact page ;-)

Where do you live (besides your dreams and Utopia, of course)?

- In the country named Russia. Though "dreams" sounds more like it... ;-)

Marianetting experience? How did you become a Marianette?

- Count it from 2000. So it's 4 years.

Fave album?

- Bah! Both Marian's solo, DS5 and DS9.

Fave lyrics at the moment?

- "Ain't no sell-out, I'm the..." It's really stuck in my head.

Have you seen any concerts? if yes, which one was the best?

- Five! *counts on fingers* Yeah! 5! Moscow 2000, St. Petersburg 2003... hmmm... but Zwickau was great too, just as well as Kiev and Saalfeld...

How many times have you been marianned?

- Let me count... Wait... Do I really have to count this? The best ones - he almost broke my shoulder in Kiev and my ribs in Zwickau. ;-)

Have you done anything crazy for Marian?

- That's my everyday occupation.

Imagine you're making video for AV/MG song. What song? What video?

- Return to Paradise. It would be a beautiful short cartoon or a movie for kids.

Imagine you ran into Marian on the street. Your reaction?

- Eyes open wide, brain dies, voice almost disappears... then my hand slowly goes up and waves, and then what's left from the voice whispers: "hi"

or... you see Marian's lookalike. What would you do?

- I would stare at him.

Have you followed Marian, like he asks us to do? When and where? (not intended to be scary or implying stalking! LOL)

- Marianettes 1 and 3 know where I did it, because I did it together with them.

What item of clothing would you like to dress Marian up in, assuming you were his dresser?

- I only dress up my little Marian doll! ;-)

Leave a message on Marian's answering machine. *beep*

- *silence* *deep sigh* *deeper sigh* *click*

What one thing would you say to Marian if you had one minute to say it to him?

- Oooh... I don't know... When you have only 1 minute and your head is empty it's hard to say anything at all!

If it was the last day on earth and you had Marian to yourself, what would you plan to do?

- Doesn't he have anything better to do than spend last day on earth with me? I would let him go wherever he wants. I think... ;-)

Wanna touch his astral body? Which part of his astral body would you touch?

- and I want to touch youuur astraaaaal b... be... be... Sorry, I can't type it.

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