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You've checked every page on the Shrine and now have some questions about Marianettes? Well, here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please send it to It will be answered sooner or later. :-)

Why do Marianettes have a number?

Though Marianette1 insists that we have numbers because of hierarchy, other Marianettes don't agree with her. Originally, numbers were meant to protect our identities and keep us enigmatic but somehow it turned out that everybody knows who is who. What a surprise! So now numbers are tradition ;-) and besides we like to practise counting! LOL

Is there a Marianette census? How many Marianettes are there?

There are absolutely no controls. Marianettes are free and only show themselves when they want to.

Do all Marianettes have a Marian doll?

No, but there are plans... Marianette2 adds that only the best ones have a Marian doll. ;-)

How can I become a Marianette?

Being a Marianette is innate - you either love Marian or you don't. If you're not a born Marianette, you can become an honorary one by asking us and we'll test you to find out how loyal you really are. And then, if you pass, we'll assign you a number. In other words, if you love Marian and want to be part of the Shrine, you just have to contact us. ;-)

How do you identify an ex-Marianette or a hidden Marianette?

By the way they subconsciously praise everything Marian says or does.Besides, we have sixth sense. :-)

You said that Marianettes are "just a bit mad". How much is "a bit"?

Put together all the inmates of an asylum and multiply by 10 ;-)

Is there a special ritual on May 26th?

We bow three times before the lastest tour poster and shout "All hail Marian, king of vocalists!" and snog the poster after that. Then we drink wine looking at his photos, always with touching glasses! :-) Oh well, maybe we don't really do all that every year, but some part of it...

Marianette category is after "Stalker". Are Marianettes more than stalkers?

Marianettes are more than fans. They belong to Marian. :-)

Why are Marianettes so scary?

Because Marian himself is scary and we want to be like him! ;-)

Are Marianettes dangerous for Marian?

They're not dangerous.

Does Marian have a judicial order to keep Marianettes away from him?

No, but he has Claudia.

Does Marian know of the Marianettes' existence?

Email Marian and ask him! :-)

Does Marian hate Marianettes to depress them?
Does Marian love Marianettes to cheer them up?

He neither hates nor loves us - we just have paranoia............

Are there any Marianette biographies to be read?

Marianettes are too shy. None of them has agreed to write their biography yet. Maybe a work in progress? ;-)

Are the poems collected and/or published?

Some are. Marianette 1 has had a few published.

What is a serious music fan?

Serious music fans are all those who don't want to join us. Not enlightened people...

Who interviews Marianettes?

Their alter egos.

Mariantologists and Marianettes are the same thing?

No. Marianettes are born whereas mariantologists (note lower case "m") have to study and never gain the same status.

Why was the "process" info censored?

To protect the not-so-innocent. ;-)

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