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You Think You Know Me?

You think you know me? Think again
I'm just the dream you want to come true.
You want to get inside my head but
are you ready for what you might find?
Do you really think you can understand
what's inside my dark and confused mind?
Just because I bare by soul for you,
doesn't mean I belong to you.

For you I fire bullets of inspiration
and in return, you give me love.
In return, you give me adoration.
I do not lie, but you don't hear my truth.

Where do you really want to be?
You've come for this, now come tell me.
Inside my heart? Inside my head?
Inside my love? Inside my bed?
You want to know you've touched me in some way.
OK, but be prepared to feel my pain.
This is no dream. This is reality.
Life comes at a price and even mine is not for free.

I'm living in some dark illusion
brought on by some sense of responsibility.
And you are my muse; you are my life
but you've brought this all on me.
And now you want just one taste
of this strange and elusive existence.
The heat of the sun. The ice in the moon.
Come trade it with me in my everlasting trance.

Come with me. Chase my ghosts away.
Do for me what I've been trying to do all my life.
Dance with me on the bones of my demons,
Now there's only one difference between you and me.
You can leave all of this behind.
You can go where you want, whenever you want to.
But me, I live with it forever.
And you still think you know me? Think again

by Marianette1


Wherever I turn to
Whatever I do
Your shadow grows up beside me.
I go and it goes too
I stop - it stops too
It follows each step and spies on me.
It sees everything
It's always around
It wants to control me completely.
I wish I could run away
But I can't.
It holds me too strong, pulls too deep.
It won't release me
There's nothing to do.
There's no escape from you.

by Marianette2

To the Golden Voice

She saw a perfect dream one night
About what was true one day
When all her troubles melt away
And world seemed beautiful and bright

It was an afternoon in June
She lay in silky summer grass
And watched the sky as clouds passed
Embraced by grand breathtaking blue

When Golden Voice above the trees
Brought back the echoes of the past
Of those times that were the best
Of long forgotten memories

Of many songs yet still unsung
Of happy childhood full of light
She saw a perfect dream one night
And woke up forever young.

by Marianette5


Nightmare after nightmare every night
Fear in her heart to go to sleep
Weary and nervous she bent over her pride

And prayed

But prayed not for a pleasant dream
She prayed only for a minute of rest
And a dream technician angel received her complaint

He put her to rest her crying eyes
He worked all night in her engines of sleep
And in the morning he rushed away to watch a sunrise
Forgetting behind him some tools and pieces of dream

She woke up with the sun shining on her face
Happy and peaceful for the first time in months
Then she saw you lying there beside her

And now her lips will never pray again
She's just not giving you back

by Ex-Marianette


Bloody thorns hanging from the ceiling,
chasing rainbows
stabbed with all my precious thoughts.
Heart is beating out of time;
blood seeping,
staining through the cracks in my own darkness.

Do you love me? yes you do.

Arrogance is so unworthy; ignorance is bliss.
Dance in line; step in time;
Fools playing round with reason and rhyme.
Gotta get out of here. Gotta get out of here.
Damned to fight through foggy confusion
to create a heaven, or is it hell?

And death is a big adventure they say.
I don't think so. It's not for me.

Take me as I am; take me anyway.
Play with me and throw me away.
Sink me in your sea of false naivity.

We are the sum total of the choices we make
and where we are is where we belong;
what we've chosen to become.
I chose this for me - come and see.
Can't go but I can't stay.
Where can I go anyway?

They gnash their teeth at me and I freeze
and bite back in pain and fear of being free.
Six bowls are emptied, the seventh to come.
Can they place me where I really belong?
Can't think of it, it freezes me.
Can't dream of it even though it sets me free.
Not being is the same as not ever having been
but that won't rationalise it for me.

I am what I am.
I do what I do.
I take what I take.
I fake what I fake.
I love what I love.
I hate what I hate.
I'm dying to live.
I destroy what I create.

It doesn't make me feel better
but it makes me feel like me.

by Marianette1

Dream Power

Don't you know we're just tiny sparkles
In a turbulent whirlwind of life
Just a flash through the years in a second
Sinking into oblivion of merciless time

Have you ever thought of this vicious circle,
Have you felt inside of impetuous stream,
Have you ever wondered why the soul of a mortal
Gains eternal life in immortal dreams

Don't you know we're just queer pilgrims
We inhabit the reverse of mirrors
Space'n'time's strange dimension we live in
But it's only the dream that is real.

Have you ever thought if we are the reason
Or just puppets forced to some crazy game
Could you let a fancy refract your vision
Make reality shine with iridescent rays

Aren't you tired to hold on to your role,
Seems your will's been cut off with a knife
Close your eyes and just open your soul
See a hopeful oasis in the desert of life

Have you felt accrete mask burn your essence
When you teared it off and you screamed
While this world leaves no trace,
Falls in Chronos' embrace
Do you want to be saved by the dream?

by Marianette5

Ode to Gold

Neer may I be so close to thee
With thine eyes of pure ebony
O, to sample of such sweet kiss
Tis which would call my life a bliss
A splendid red rose of perfection
To capture as my own Tis but of course for affection
And to not blink at thine sight
For purest Gold will neer blight
As that thou are A purest Gold
That my eyes shall eer behold

by Marianette Man

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