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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




Meet Marianette3...

Your name or one of them?

- "Oi you".

Your birthdate? (we'd like to know when the world had this happiness to meet new Marianette)

- 26th March 1970. The day the world panicked

Where do you live (besides your dreams and Utopia, of course)?

- Right here, for now.

Marianetting experience? How did you become a Marianette?

- It was the fault of some guy called.... *racks brain* Marian. I heard him sing, I did!

Fave album?

- Crazy Show

Fave lyrics at the moment?

- Carry your Flag and Ways

Have you seen any concerts? if yes, which one was the best?

- All of them?? Is that allowed *looks for rules*

How many times have you been marianned?

- Lost count as I lost conciousness. Sorry.

Have you done anything crazy for Marian?

- I'm answering these questions!!!

Imagine you're making video for AV/MG song. What song? What video?

- Astral Body. Not sure which of the many versions though.

Imagine you ran into Marian on the street. Your reaction?

- Er, it happened. In Saalfeld. More than that, I don't remember.

or... you see Marian's lookalike. What would you do?

- Look twice and keep going. Can he sing like Marian? See!

Have you followed Marian, like he asks us to do? When and where? (not intended to be scary or implying stalking! LOL)

- It wasn't my fault!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs*

What item of clothing would you like to dress Marian up in, assuming you were his dresser?

- *goes away for a think*

Leave a message on Marian's answering machine. *beep*

- erm, hello, how do I work this thing?? ...... *sound of phone hitting ground outside window*

What one thing would you say to Marian if you had one minute to say it to him?

- see my mind's gone blank at the mere thought

If it was the last day on earth and you had Marian to yourself, what would you plan to do?

- *stares blankly, pretends not to hear*

Wanna touch his astral body? Which part of his astral body would you touch?

- The part that makes him laugh, that'd be nice.

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