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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




Meet MarianetteMan...

Your name or one of them?

- C. Trenton MacLeod

Your birthdate? (we'd like to know when the world had this happiness to meet new Marianette)

- No one knows my birthdate =)

Where do you live (besides your dreams and Utopia, of course)?

- I was born in Inverness, Scotland...But I live in Raleigh, N.C. now with my wonderful boyfriend

Marianetting experience? How did you become a Marianette?

- I am not really a "Marianette" per se since I am a guy...But they call me the Mariannette Man..I became a Marian follower in 1984 when I first saw the most beautiful eyes and lips and heard the most beautiful voice in the fucking world!! It was "Big In Japan", as I strolled through my best friends living room, playing on the telly...I was frozen dead in my tracks and I couldn't move. I was transformed right then and there, instantly that moment my whole life had changed forever!

Fave album?

- Now that IS a tough question, as I am obsessed with Marian, I can't seem to choose just one of them...So I am going to have to say that I love each and every one of them in their own special way...they all hold a special place in my heart and give me a different feeling with each song =)

Have you seen any concerts?

- I think I am probably one of the only original Alphaville/Marian fans that has yet to see Alphaville =( *It kills me nearly daily to know that I haven't nor will ever see them live)

If yes, which one was the best?

- N/A

How many times have you been marianned?

Unfortunately I can't say that I have been Marianned *Cries cause he's getting depressed with his answers now*

Have you done anything crazy for Marian?

- Oh yes!! I have done plenty crazy things for Marian...Including that little pixeled doll I made of him and then SENT it to him *Dies*

Imagine you're making video for AV/MG song. What song?

- If the dream came true, the song I would love to do would be "Wishful Thinking"

What video?

- I would create the video for Apollo

Imagine you ran into Marian on the street. Your reaction?

- *Passes out, Faints and dies* LoL If I saw Marian walking down the street here in N.C. I would definitely spaz out. For one, Marian in N.C. just chilling having a stroll? HA!!! For two, I would be surprised that I would have the luck enough to even meet him...much less bump into him on the street.

or... you see Marian's lookalike. What would you do?

- A look-a-like wouldn't thrill me so much as the actual man...I would think the guy's fine and muse at myself at how much he looks at him, but he wouldn't have Marian's charm/style/heart/soul

Have you followed Marian, like he asks us to do?

- I have followed him spiritually and musically...not physically for obvious reasons...

When and where? (not intended to be scary or implying stalking! LOL)

- Everyday/All day

What item of clothing would you like to dress Marian up in, assuming you were his dresser?

- Dude? Dress him? You're kidding right? Why cover the beautiful man? LoL (Gawd I hope he never sees this)

Leave a message on Marian's answering machine.
What one thing would you say to Marian if you had one minute to say it to him?

- Thank you for being one of the most brilliant people in the world and being something a person can look up to, Thank you for being such a great person to your fans and proving that not all famous people have to be pure fucktwads

If it was the last day on earth and you had Marian to yourself, what would you plan to do?


Wanna touch his astral body?


Which part of his astral body would you touch?

- ALL OF IT!!!

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