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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




Meet Bernhardette2 sometimes known as Marianette86... ;-)

Your name or one of them?

- Mags ... aka Bernhardette #2

Your birthdate? (we'd like to know when the world had this happiness to meet new Marianette)

- 17 Juni 1976 - the 23rd anniversary of the worker's revolt in East Berlin by the Brandenburger Tor after which the wide boulevard running through the Tiergarten was renamed the Strasse des 17. Juni ..... inspiring some singers several decades later to include this street in a beautiful song, surely never dreaming at the time how this one simple lyric would change a girl's life briefly after the turn of the century....

Where do you live (besides your dreams and Utopia, of course)?

- I do live in Utopia ;) ..... aka Berlin, Germany.

Marianetting experience? How did you become a Marianette?

- Was about 7-8 years old when I heard this beautiful music and this angel singing...nearly 2 decades later met the angel in person. One smile, one all know what happens. Bernhard is my first love....but Marian looks damn fine in the Dance With Me video ;)

Fave album?

- Afternoons in Utopia

Fave lyrics at the moment?

- hard to say....
"even when the sun's blown out, I will shine forever," is one of my faves.

Have you seen any concerts? if yes, which one was the best?

- 6 concerts...Salt Lake (Green Street) 15 July 1999, Salt Lake 16 July 1999, Salt Lake 2001, Linz, Austria 2003, Chemnitz 2003, Zwickau 2003.
16 July 1999 was the best...Alphaville's first ever live performance in North America ... it was absolutely incredible. Perhaps the greatest night of my whole life....lifted beyond reality as I formerly knew it and I never ever returned again....

How many times have you been marianned?

- about 6 times, I think.

Have you done anything crazy for Marian?

- I made a cake for his birthday a couple years ago.

Imagine you're making video for AV/MG song. What song? What video?

- Afternoons in a widespread appeal for peace around the world. If I could have my way it would be playing in a certain large white house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. 24/7 ;)

Imagine you ran into Marian on the street. Your reaction?

- Marian! Good to see you....soooo...when will we be doing coffee?

or... you see Marian's lookalike. What would you do?

- try not to stare and giggle, as I usually do....

Have you followed Marian, like he asks us to do? When and where? (not intended to be scary or implying stalking! LOL)

- Sort of...August of 2001 somewhere in the capital of Germany...showed up on someone's doorstep....not something I would repeat. (and it was my friend's fault anyway...I was just blindly following...)

What item of clothing would you like to dress Marian up in, assuming you were his dresser?

- He can wear what he likes....I thought he looked great in the outfit he wore for the Soul Messiah video filmed in Utah in summer 1999...

Leave a message on Marian's answering machine. *beep*

- have no idea. would probably break off into nervous babbling about nothing important, the same way I usually do.

What one thing would you say to Marian if you had one minute to say it to him?

- Thank you for the music, the inspiration and for helping me realize I had the power within to make my dreams come true...

If it was the last day on earth and you had Marian to yourself, what would you plan to do?

- Sit at a cafe on Kudamm, drink beer and talk.

Wanna touch his astral body? Which part of his astral body would you touch?

- Don't need to touch....just feel his arms around me.

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