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the "real" story

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Marian Gold is the moving power of Alphanatism.

The 26th of May is the greatest holiday for all Marianettes. It is celebrated the whole world over. That's the day Marian Gold was born in 1954. In the beginning he had a different name. Hartwig Schierbaum - that's what he was called back then. But when he grew up he changed his name to a better one (for us). Marianette sounds better than Hartwigette, doesn't it?

As Hartwig Schierbaum, he was busy with lots of occupations... blah blah blah... read the story somewhere else. The most significiant part of it for us is when he joined the band which was later named "Alphaville". With the first single, "Big In Japan", the process of turning girls into Marianettes successfully started. And it continued through the years. Besides regular Alphaville albums Marian released 2 solo-albums. Make note: "So Long Celeste" and "United" are absolute must-haves for every Marianette (and esp. the cover of SLC)!!!

Since 1993 Marianettes have had the chance to see Marian performing live. He's been to many countries converting more and more Marianettes. It's a great experience and also a must for Marianettes - to stand in front of him, to hear him singing only for you, to feel his energy...

At aftershow parties, Marian even waves hi to his Marianettes when he's chatting to other fans. That's why Marianettes adore these aftershow parties!

Marianettes don't stalk him. But when he says "Follow me!" it's hard to resist and keep themselves controlled...

Additionally a few observations made by Zuzanna Bright on official alphaville mailing list:

  1. When he doesn't speak to U that much after the concert it's not that he doesn't like you but his voice is always very torned afterwards and 'speaking is the worst thing he could do'.
  2. He drinks every beer in his reach even if he's not sure if it's his. The official version is that it has a good influence on his vocal cords.
  3. He has a peculiar ability to blow out cigarette smoke through his nose. Not everyone can do that.

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