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News archive

Happy Marianmas!!!
All hail Marian, king of vocalists!
Marianettes, don't forget to bow before the poster and snog it!

We're really glad to introduce you Marianette10!
Not only can you read her profile, but also see her in 'that embrace' section.

Get to know our Master better!
Some information added about 'the object'.

Happy Marianmas!!!
All hail Marian, king of vocalists!
Here's a small gift from the Shrine to all the Marianettes. Check out the brand new section - The Words that the Prophet said. Read them carefully!

Finally an update!
Check out the "real" story with a new paragraph added!

Some photos from Moscow were added. Marianette2 meets Marian again.
Check out that embrace section of the shrine!

Check out new photo of Marianette86 being embraced.

Marianettes' Shrine got new look.
We hope you like it.

We have a little update - new simple wallpaper in inspiration's digital art section. Enjoy!

Marianettes wish everybody Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy your holidays!
And for a holidays time you can see christmas pic of Marianette2 in her profile.

Hey hoooo! Marianettes attended great party with their Master! Pics and stories to follow...
Meet new Marianette - Sophie! Check out her profile!

Oi Marianettes (and others sympathising)!
Today our Master turns 50! Let's celebrate this wonderful day as great as we can! Raise a glass for him! Sing a song for him! (too bad he can't hear it, but still we know what we do and it makes us happy) Send your best wishes to him!
"All hail Marian, king of vocalists!"

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