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Marianette86 (Bernhardette2)




We are what we are...

Some time ago Marco posted in official alphaville mailing list his classification of the fans:

  • To be "Acquainted" =
    • You've heard the name "Alphaville" at some given time and/or remember the songs "FY" and "BIJ".

  • To be an "Admirer" =
    • You've followed AV's career (some, like myself - since 1984).
    • Although you enjoy their music (as well as many other musical groups' music), life still goes on as normal.
    • You purchase as much AV music as possible, whether you like the newest releases (to have a complete music collection) or not (simply out of loyalty). But again, life goes on.
    • If you hear that AV is coming to a location near you to perform (i.e., America - in my case), you try to make arrangements to see them knowing that it may be a long time (or never again) before they come back. If you can't make it, life goes on.
    • Out of loyalty, you create a website tribute to the band and/or run a fanclub. If you don't have the means to do either, life goes on.

  • To be a "Low-Grade Fan" 'Fan' is short for 'Fanatic' =
    • Even though you're a late-comer to AV music, you act like a veteran.
    • Life revolves around AV and their music, you find absolutely no faults with any song that they put out.
    • If you can arrange it, you try to see AV perform several times a year, and even arrange to meet with other fans.
    • You argue about complete nonsense (i.e., AV political stance, whether Marian should still use the AV name, what's the best AV song ever, why Bernhard left the group, etc.).
    • You try to meet AV at least once before or after a concert.

  • To be a "High-Grade Fan" (or low-grade "Stalker") =
    • You act like you're Marian's best friend and you know everything about the group.
    • You always have something important/profound to talk about at the mention of "Alphaville" or their music (which you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE), you wear AV pajamas to bed.
    • A blinding obsession compels you to travel atrocious distances, numerous times, to see AV perform.
    • See above letter 'd', but add "you will fight to the death any contradiction or ridicule anyone else's opinion".
    • You follow the band members around like a lost puppy, hoping one of them will take you home.

  • To be a "Stalker" =
    • You think Marian/Bernhard are your best friends and want you to be a part of their life.
    • Life comes to a screeching halt, and your heart stops beating, at the mere mention of the word "Alphaville".
    • You WILL attend every concert, you WILL be front row center, and you WILL have your panties/jockstraps, in hand, to throw at Marian while he's singing.
    • See 'd' above.
    • You want to have Marian's baby.

And now we're adding something to this classification to explain who we are:
  • Marianettes =
    • They not think, they KNOW Marian is their best friend. They put everything up to Marian. When they're in good mood they KNOW Marian loves them. And when they're down they KNOW Marian hates them.
    • There is no life without Marian. And Marian is the only treasure. They find connection to Marian in everything.
    • They wish Marian gave them money to attend every concert to stand in spitting row. But as he doesn't they try to attend every concert they can. And when they can't they keep thinking about the show that's going on in another part of the world while they're at home and try to attend this concert spiritually.
    • They discuss lots of important things (Marian's anatomy parts, Marian's voice, Marian's smoking and not-smoking, other Marian's habits, whole Marian's life, and their own part in Marian's life). They will fight to the death if anyone says anything against Marian.
    • Not that they want to have Marian's baby... but... ;-)
Yes. We are Marianettes. Aren't you scared?

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