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The "real" story of Marian Gold and Alphaville written by Marianettes based on the information from the net.

First of all, Marian's birthdate. It is common knowledge that 'Marianmas' (ie. the day Marian was born) is 26th May, 1954 (or as some people think, 1958). That's false! We finally found the "truth" - Marian was born in 1964. That means he turns 40 this year. And life starts at 40. Congratulations, Marian!

Second thing - his band. Alphaville is a British pop band, if you didn't know that! In fact, they have been described as one of the greatest British pop bands ever! That's Brit pop like Oasis or Blur. Really hard to tell the difference. But at the same time Alphaville can be called a rock band. Just listen to their wonderful hit "Back in Japan". Btw, there is an unknown Alphaville song called "We can dance" and if after hearing it you think it's "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats, you're completely wrong... Just check yourself with any file-sharing program... Alphaville also made that wonderful hit song "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" - if you thought that was by Cutting Crew, think again...and check in the same place.

Also, Marian died of AIDS in the 80s (like all 80s stars did!), but resurrected. Miracles happen!

And besides Alphaville are leaders of a satanic sect; that is why very few people know them (the chosen ones by satan, of course) *lol*

By the latest reports, the authorship of the song "Back In Japan", which made Alphaville popular, is questionable. There are two opinions on this subject. One says the song was written in 2000 by Sandra Nasic and Guano Apes and it was a cool punk-rock song but Alphaville managed to travel through time, steal this song and release it as an awful pop song. That's the first version. Others say it was originally by Sandra and the song was called Japan Ist Weit. And they believe it's absolutely unfair that Alphaville's cover of this song is heard everywhere while Sandra's original is absolutely unknown to the public.

Any other "true" information you have is welcome here - please contact us with anything you have! Also any misquotes would be fun, since we all know that Marian has said many things. He admits he says things he doesn't remember, so who knows if they're "true" or not?? ;-)

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