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The Words that the Prophet said - favourite Marian quotes collected by Marianettes.

"Sometimes even I do lots of things which I can't remember later on!"

"When I'm in love, I look at the watch and not at the calendar"

"Probably you've only really grown up, when you can bear not being understood."

"As a parallel person you are the only lonely person that's never alone."

"I used to "hate" "Universal Daddy" a lot and by the years it became a beloved habit to me."

"...maybe singers simply are the most neurotic people in a band :)"

Q. What would you do if one day a fan meeting you burst into tears and said "I love you"? A. I'd ask her what makes her so sad about it.

You have your sex, and you find your love, OK?!

"I KNOW where you live...." (Marian, mischieviously, to Mags, August 2005) :)

If you have any other interesting Marian quotes (both serious and unserious) that Marianettes should know about please contact us. Remember - we learn those words! We need more ;-)

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